Fisherman's Friend

Flawless organization of win campaign with daily winners

There is a lot that goes unnoticed about a win. Especially when you have daily winners like Fisherman's Friend. Not only do you want the win campaign to be set up properly and tightly, but you also want communication with winners and prize handling to be flawless. That's why Fisherman's Friend enlisted us to organize their win campaign with the goal of highlighting their partnership with KNRM and their podcast "Rescuers at Sea.


Organizing a win campaign has roughly three phases. The first involves devising and working out the mechanism of action. In the second phase, the winning campaign is actually built and communicated. The final phase is the customer service and reporting phase. In all these phases, different disciplines and knowledge come together: from technical knowledge to customer service experience.

Phase 1: concept phase
We collaborated with Fisherman's Friend on their action mechanism. We have come up with a win campaign with unique codes and daily winners. We provided codes for Fisherman's Friend that they could print on a card for the box. At this stage, we also drafted the campaign terms and conditions and handled all legal matters.

Phase 2: execution phase
Then we started building the campaign website in Fisherman's Friend's corporate identity. We came up with a domain name for the campaign and tested the website and campaign extensively. Because it was difficult to time the promotion precisely, consumers who came to the site before the win action started were shown a countdown clock.

Phase 3: customer service phase
After the start of the win campaign, we worked with our partner Patijnenburg (a learning and development company for people distanced from the labor market) to handle the daily prizes. We provide communication with the winners and, of course, with our client Fisherman's Friend. They receive a monthly report from us that includes QR code scans, number of visitors to the landing page, number of participants, prizes won and number of opt-ins.



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