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Street sampling: how does it work exactly?

street sampling

You’ll probably see it on the street, the shopping center or at the station: promotional representatives who offer products to the public. Street sampling is a popular and effective form of sampling. It is a great way to introduce people to a product. In this blog we tell you more about this form of sampling and we talk about the value of a promotional team.

What is street sampling?

Street sampling is a form of sampling where the samples, as the name implies, are distributed on the street. This is usually done in places where many people visit, such as stations, shopping centers or events. During street sampling, the target group can be approached in a specific manner, because there is one-to-one contact between the promotional representative and the (potential) customer.

The customer then acquaints with the product free of charge. As a result, he or she immediately has an enjoyable experience with the brand. This ultimately promotes purchase intent. The advantage of street sampling is that you can reach a large number of people in a relatively short amount of time.

The value of a promotional team

Inseparable from street sampling is a promotional team. The staff are often young people and/or students who like to have a chat. They share the samples and present the product to the public in a fun way. It is important when putting together a promotional team, that the employees are motivated. This also radiates out in the street and can influence the experience of the consumer.

The advantage of a promotional team is that they have the power to hold a passerby to his attention. By doing something unexpected or grand, the curiosity of the passer-by will be awakened. It is important to use that moment. The sample is offered and possibly a message about the product is given. In this way street sampling can be very valuable!

Often the feedback you get from a promotional team are: “It went very well”, “The consumers liked it!” Lime Factory thinks that this can be improved through a feedback program. This can be done by handing out or attaching a flyer with the product. By linking a nice prize to such feedback action, you can also achieve a nice percentage of feedback.

street sampling

Suitable products for street sampling

Not every product is suitable for street sampling. There is an appropriate sampling method for each product. Street sampling is particularly suitable for products that you can use immediately. Products are not suitable when there is a very specific target group. There is not often enough a match between the product and the audience, so it can be a waste.

A disadvantage of street sampling is that it is relatively expensive. This has to do with the relatively high costs. For example, there are the wage costs of the promotional staff, costs of permits for the location and the decoration of the promotion.

To make a street sampling campaign a big success, it is therefore important that there is a match between the product and the location or circumstances. For example, you can distribute and promote heated drinks on a cold winter’s day and the entrance to a summer festival is suitable for a refreshing lemonade.

Street sampling through Lime Factory

At Lime Factory we can create a sampling campaign for your campany, in which we carry out the execution of the street sampling by an experienced partner. We provide promotional materials, feedback and any other sampling channels. We also make sure the product fits well with this form of sampling.

Is your company interested in a street sampling campaign or would you like more information on this subject? Please contact us!


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