The Monsterbox

Sample your product at consumers’ homes

Would you like to test your product among 5,000 curious consumers in Belgium and do you want to know how they will respond to this? Sample your product in the Monsterbox! The Monsterbox is an alternative way of sampling, where consumers come into contact with new products or variants (for example, a new taste) in their own home environment.

The Monsterbox appears a number of times a year and covers 5,000 products per edition. For example, we have a spring edition and an autumn edition. We focus on families with children. The consumer can order the Monsterdoos online and it will be delivered at home. The promotion is done via Facebook, direct mailing and online advertisements.

Test your product

By sampling your new product in the Monsterbox, you can immediately test your product. Thanks to our Consumer Insights Application, consumers can leave their feedback about your product. Experience shows that consumers really enjoy giving their opinion about the products received. That is why we request standard feedback from all products and all participants receive a report about their product.


Consumers can leave feedback via On this website we ask the participants what they thought of the received sample. Filling in takes less than two minutes and there is a win promotion linked to it, which increases the response. Moreover, thanks to our product posts, consumers can also give their opinion via Facebook. This is a nice way of receiving feedback of your product. Curious what that looks like? Take a look here by clicking on the products.


We bring your product to the attention

• We provide extra attention and publicity through the website, Facebook and mailings.
• Our research has shown that consumers want new products in the Monsterbox. That is why we also want to emphasize new products that consumers can test. We will give extra attention to these new products. If you have a nice new product, please let us know.
• On a separate product page your product is displayed with information where consumers can buy the product.
• It is possible to use retargeting advertisements to strengthen the sampling and possibly your (marketing) campaign.

Do you have a nice product that you would like to test among consumers and would you like to see your product in the Monsterbox? You can contact us and we will reserve a place for you. Of course it is also possible to participate with several new products.


Lime Factory can measure the results of sampling concepts, including the Monsterbox. Among other things, product valuation and repeat purchase intention are measured. Tailor-made questions can also be added. Moreover, after six months we can request the actual purchases, including frequency. Contact us without any obligation.


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The Monsterbox stands for a new, frivolous way of sampling with families with children in a homely environment.


The Monsterbox can be ordered by consumers at

Social media

Via Facebook we keep consumers informed and we collect feedback.