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THT sampling

What do you do with your Best before parties?

Best before sampling. Why should you choose it? Normally a sampling campaign is set up with a certain goal in mind. One can think of creating more awareness or trial. In that case, a budget is made available to achieve this goal. However, you can also use sampling in a different way, namely with Best before sampling.

Best before products

Many FMCG companies have to deal with products that are close to the Best before date. This may be due to minimal production batches, ‘mistakes’ during the planning or products that are less popular during a certain period.

But what do you do with such a Best before batch? Actually, you have four options to choose from:

  • You can have it destroyed;
  • You can offer it to the food bank;
  • You can set up a campaign to boost sales a little more;
  • You use these products for a sampling campaign.

Destroying products is often not preferred because it is simply without the products, but also the costs of this can be very high and it does not contribute to achieving your sales goals. Donating the products to the food bank is, therefore, a better option. This does not contribute to your sales target, but the products are not unnecessarily destroyed. You can also choose to set up a campaign to boost sales. Again, the costs are high and it offers no guarantee. If the action does not work out, this can only increase your costs, so there is a risk involved. Finally, there is the option of choosing Best before sampling. This is often the best option and we explain why in the next paragraph.

Best before SAMPLING

Best before sampling can often be just as expensive as processing. However, you now reach the consumer with it. We regularly receive requests for these kinds of THT batches and try to find adequate solutions. In the course of time, we have found more and more channels where we can set up a sampling campaign at short notice, at low cost, and within a short period of time.

Webshopsampling L'atelier bij koffievoordeel

For these campaigns, we also look for the right channel, where the consumer has time and needs and the positioning of product and channel is appropriate. If possible, we also provide communication around the campaign, depending on the channel, for example through a flyer, a counter display or online via the newsletter. We provide brand activation with a measurable effect. We can give you insights into how consumers experienced the product! We do this through our Consumer Insights Application.  This is our own platform, where consumers can share their experience with your product.

So when you choose Best before sampling at Lime Factory you reach the consumer and can also get valuable insights on how the consumer experienced the product and what the repeat purchase intention is.

Best before CHANNELS

In our database, we have defined channels as Best before channels if they can offer the products to the consumer within two weeks of approval. So we can sample at different bakeries, vacation parks, fashion retail, the Monster Box and many more!

  B-Better sampling Food delivery  

And if we do not yet have a suitable channel in our database, we will look for you.

So if you are dealing with a Best before party and you do not have a solution yet, please contact us. Even if you are not currently dealing with a Best before party, but expect to be dealing with one, it may be useful to contact us, so that we can anticipate.

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