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Social media and sampling: a powerful combination

The combination of social media and sampling is a good example of a meeting of offline and online marketing. Sampling is no longer just the distribution of a slice of sausage at the butcher’s. Thanks to the internet, more and more data can be collected and sampling campaigns can be implemented much more precisely. In this blog you can read how social media can boost your sampling campaign before, during the after sampling and we give a few examples of fun social sample campaigns.

How social media can enhance your sampling campaign

More and more companies use social media. When communicating a sampling campaign, the action is often shared on the social channels. Unfortunately, a large part does not know how to deal with this in an effective way, while social media can play a major role in the success of a campaign. In addition, a sampling campaign via social media is ideal to target your target audience. This way you can strengthen social media before, during and after the sampling campaign.

Before: use social media to inform your target group

Someone who knows that an interesting product can be tried for free, takes this into account. By communicating the action through your social media channels, you at least inform the followers of your pages. These people are already connected with your brand and are therefore curious about what new or improved product you have.

In order to reach people from your target group who do not yet follow your pages, you can first use your current followers. For example, track them to tag friends who need to see the sample campaign. You can also advertise via your social channels. This allows you to target specifically for age, place of residence and interests for a specific amount. Will you sample make-up in an Amsterdam shopping mall? Target women, between 15 and 30 years, living in Amsterdam or women who follow other major brands, for example Maybelline. Increase the number of samples taken from your target group and make sure people talk about your action on social media.

Caution: targeting and retargering on Facebook or other social media channels can be complicated, so make sure you have the knowledge internally.

During: track the receiver to share, like and follow!

Are your products sampled in a store or somewhere on the street? Then make sure the receiver of the sample is triggered to share the sample action on his social media channels. The recipient of the sample follows or divides faster if he is urged by a person instead of a text on a flyer or website. Design an action where the dealer gets or can get a reward.

After: referral marketing after sampling campaign

The sample action does not have to be finished when there are no more samples on location. After the samples have been distributed, use areferral marketing program, where you give the recipient of the sample the opportunity to send a sample to his friends via social media. If the recipient is satisfied with the sample, it is possible that he would like his friends to benefit from a free sample.

With a referral program too, someone can promote your brand more quickly if there is a reward for this. For example, an action may be that your promoter gets a free product when he invites three of his friends via social media to try a sample. In this way, your sample action via social media is constantly being strengthened.

Examples of out-of-the-box social sample campaigns

To inspire you for your own social media action, below we show two original actions where social media and sampling come together perfectly.

De social-shops van Kellogg’s

In this store of Kellogg’s, money was worth nothing. In the social shops (Tweetshop in London and Instashop in Sweden) you could only try the products if you published a tweet or instagram post about the promotion or one of the products. The result?

The media was lyrical about the Tweetshop in London! The persons who received a sample by sending a tweet, actually started a conversation with a follower in response to this tweet. An additional and perhaps the biggest advantage for this promotion was that the retailers were also very positive about the new flavors of Kellogg’s.

In Sweden, an Instashop was chosen, because Instagram is more used there than Twitter. In the shop, which was at a busy station, samples were given in exchange for a photo.

Pay-with-a-tweet vending machine van BOS

Where Kellogg’s ansocial store opened, BOS used a social vending machine. The machine gave away free cans, in exchange for a tweet about the cans of iced tea from the South African brand. With the hashtag #BOSTWEET4T, BEV (the name of the interaction machine) was activated to give a can of choice.

Start a sampling campaign?

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