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Witte Reus the luxury toilet block at sanitary stores

Witte Reus de luxe at sanitary stores

Lime Factory has set up a sampling campaign at sanitary shops for Witte Reus. Witte Reus De Luxe toilet block is perfume that gives your toilet an elegant and premium scent, the scent is inspired by refined perfumes.

Witte Reus De Luxe toilet block ensures a pleasant and long-lasting scent experience of high-quality perfumes in every bathroom. In addition, the toilet block ensures excellent cleaning of the toilet and prevents the formation of limescale and dirt.

Both Witte Reus De Luxe Delicate Magnolia and Witte Reus De Luxe Lovely Jasmine have been distributed at various sanitary stores, such as Sanidump and Sanidirect. Consumers receive a Witte Reus De Luxe toilet block including flyer with every purchase. Consumers respond enthusiastically and appreciate that they receive a little extra.

The collaboration went well. We look forward to this sampling promotion taking place again!

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