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Santa Maria at BBQ

Santa Maria at the BBQ

Lime Factory heeft voor Santa Maria set up a sampling campaign with a number of appropriate channels. The Santa Maria BBQ sauce, rub and marinade was included,together with the flyer for orders with the BBQ champion, when participating in a Weber workshop, with a purchase at the Greengrocer and through the Summer Box at Center Parcs.

Via the webshop of BBQKampioen, Santa Maria products are sent with an order of a BBQ package. A flyer was also sent to collect feedback.

At the Weber’s Grill Academy BBQ workshops, Santa Maria products were used and participants received a free sample, incl. flyer for home.

With every purchase at The real Greengrocer, customers received a Santa Maria sauce, rub or marinade to try at home. A flyer was also given out, with a recipe and link to the feedback platform.

At all Center Parcs resorts in The Netherlands, the consumer receives the “ Summer Box ” with attractive and tasty products, which are chosen to match the moment. This can be enjoyed by all during the stay. In addition to the sample, there is also a leaflet in the Welcome Box, where the consumer is encouraged to give feedback on the product.

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