Consumer Insights Application

At Lime Factory we believe in sampling, but we also believe in measurable results. That is why we try to make all our concepts and campaigns measurable. With our Consumer Insights Application we collect consumer insights, so that we can not only measure the results afterwards, but also provide better advice in advance.

At the Monsterbox we do this through an investigation a few weeks after purchase, but also with an investigation after 6 months.

From this research we come to know the following:

  • The total number of products sold among Monsterbox consumers.
  • The number of new consumers before and after purchasing the Monsterbox.
  • The average number of products sold per consumer.
  • The number of extra products sold as a direct result of the Monsterbox.

To provide a better insight, we show below a number of graphs of the average of all products from a previous edition of the Monsterbox.

The graph below shows that more than 75% of the products have already been used after a few weeks after purchase. The repeat purchase intention can also be determined. We assume that half of the consumers who say “Maybe” will also buy this and 90% of the consumers who say “Yes probably”. You then arrive at a repeat purchase intention of more than 58%.

To calculate penetration, we use the data from the research immediately after purchase and after 6 months. Hereby we see that on average 21% of consumers bought the product befor the sampling campaign of the Monsterbox. After 6 months we see that this has risen to 48%. This is therefore more than double the penetration. We can also calculate the average number of purchases from this data, with which we can ultimately determine the ROI of the campaign.

There are of course differences per product and per product category. For example, the graph below shows penetration growth per product category.

Monster box use
Monster box actual purchases
Monster box repeat purchase intention


If you are interested in a comprehensive analysis for your brand or product or if you want more information about the costs, please contact us.



The Monsterbox represents a new, frivolous way of sampling families with children in their own home environment.


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