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Geofencing: a powerful tool to reach consumers

Are you already familiar with geofencing? Geofencing is a location-based marketing technology and makes it possible to approach consumers with relevant push notifications when they enter, leave or reside in a certain area. These areas are called geofences. It’s is a powerful tool to attract consumers.

Why geofencing?

Geofencing marketing is location-based advertising where a user’s location is registered over the internet, and advertisements are shown to people in a specific location. Marketing professionals use geofencing to show specific ads based on the exact location of the target audience. The targeted audience participates in location targeting when they use programs that ask them to enter their location or give them access to their location.

Geofencing campaigns are ideal for finding consumers based on exact locations, allowing specific advertisements and messages to be displayed. Geofencing campaigns can be set up for multiple types of online advertising campaigns, such as search engine advertisements, display advertisements and remarketing.

The fundamental advantage of geofencing is that it makes your messages more relevant and up-to-date. By reaching consumers who are on the road and are geographically close by, it is much more likely that you will involve consumers directly. Moreover, with geofencing you can reach the target group that is likely to take action, which means that less budget is spent on less relevant consumers.

How does it work?

Geofencing marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. You create a geofence and advertising campaign in a designated area. A consumer then enters that geofence and is added to your advertising audience. This consumer receives the advertisement either via notifications, in-app advertisements or search or display advertisements.

Keep in mind that you can place your ‘fence’ (geofence) almost anywhere. This way you can place it around your company, as well as the location of your competitor. You can even place a geofence at the location of companies that customers often refer to you, such as a consulting firm.

The geofencing advertisements may contain a promotion, such as a discount on your product or an invitation to try a new product or sample.

With geofencing marketing you can also choose when your ads are displayed. For example, advertisements can be displayed at specific times, such as during working days during the morning rush hour, because you will then reach a specific target group, or at the nearest bus station at your store nearby.

Is geofencing something for you?

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