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Reach your target group with generation marketing

Do you focus on a different generation than your own with your product? If you are born in a different generation than your target group, it can be difficult to set up the right marketing strategy. Knowing what your target audience wants, what they value and what they want to experience can make the difference to succeed with your marketing strategy. You can formulate the message in such a way that your target group feels personally addressed.

Which generation responds best to e-mails? Or which generation is enthusiastic because it is sustainable? Although every individual is also unique, we will inform you in this blog how you can best appeal to four different generations.

Baby boomer

Baby Boomers were born between 1945 and 1960. According to the Ruigrok NetPanel, no less than 95% of all Baby Boomers are on the internet, 94% of whom use a laptop and 67% a smartphone. Baby Boomers like to sort things out themselves and maintain contacts via the internet. More than half of the Baby Boomers watch TV, video and film via the internet.

This generation has made the transition to the digital age, but you can still reach them with a number of older techniques. Online brochures and YouTube customer ratings are two techniques that bridge the gap and appeal to this target group.

Baby Boomers do not want to be forced. What better way to not be intrusive than to ask if they want to add 5 Euro per month for 50 GB extra storage? According to sales guru Jeffery Gitomer, upselling can also help build better relationships with customers; it is also much easier to sell with an existing customer than to generate a new sale.

Baby Boomers are the least likely to read that long blog post; the articles they like best are only 300 words long. It may seem obvious, but Baby Boomers are also the least likely to make a purchase on their smartphones – but this is a good chance to re-evaluate your shopping basket and check-out. Is it for someone who is 60+ years old easy to get through?

Generation X

This generation, born between 1961 and 1980, is busy, busy, busy! They have children, have to pay off their mortgage and are in the middle of their career. They grew up without the online shopping experience, so they still enjoy a trip in the store, but have also fully embraced online shopping.

Although email marketing appears to be old news, it is still the best way to communicate with Generation X. This generation is already constantly connected to their mailbox for work and family updates, so it is a given that they will respond positively on e-mails about your product. According to the Ruigrok NetPanel, ‘the forgotten generation’ on social media is mainly active on WhatsApp and Facebook.


Millennials were born between 1981 and 1999. They entered the labor market when the economy crashed and are therefore the largest generation of entrepreneurs.

Millennials are changing the way goods and services are marketed by not responding to traditional marketing tactics. This generation decides where to shop based on Instagram photos, looks for fun events on Facebook and has their groceries delivered to their homes on the recommendation of a friend. Millennials like to talk and plan with their friends. A good way to address this generation indirectly is to ensure that your online reviews and customer experiences are in order.

Be active online through a blog, social media post or making videos. Tell us what contribution your product makes or write about the sustainability of your product. Give this generation the opportunity to experience your brand. Marketing to Millennials should be an approach that shows a new perspective on a common problem or task.

Generation Z

Generation Z was born between 2000 and 2015 and grew up with a smartphone in their hand. This generation is still young, so it is very early to really interpret this generation. Yet, this target group is also maturing quickly. Generation Z is a generation of world improvers: they see how previous generations have made the wrong choices and want to do it differently themselves.

Generation Z often takes information from the web and prefers videos. Platforms such as Snaptchat are widely used by this generation. Young people in the age of 12 to 24 years use Snapchat in particular. This platform is perfect for coming into contact with this generation. Of the marketers surveyed, over 64% said they had a Snapchat account. In particular, video content is published.

Because Generation Z is constantly flooded by information, this is also the first generation that has a kind of “filter” against superfluous information. To reach the oldest of the Gen Z group, it is important to tell authentic stories and to be socially aware. You meet this target group online on their phones. So make sure that your website works quickly. Is your brand worth following?

Curious as to how we can help you bring your product to the attention of the right target group?

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