Make your customers happy with free samples

Lime Factory is the sampling specialist in the Netherlands and Belgium and is involved in sampling consumer items. We regularly have tasty and fun products at our disposal to hand out. We want to bring consumers in contact with (new) products. By offering a free sample to your customers, they can pass this on to consumers during a purchase. A nice extra service! You can of course link your purchasing action to this.

The trend of recent years is that the consumer needs to first try out a product before a purchase is made. Respond to this by transporting a free sample together with your own product to your customer.

It is a fact that sampling works very well. The social norm of reciprocity forces us to give after we have received something. Moreover, the sympathy of “free trial” will be linked to your brand. You can therefore imagine that distributing a free sample is a very nice gesture to your customer and ultimately to the consumer.

Sampling without worries

We take care of everything so you can focus on your customer. For example, we provide a nice counter standard, flyers or posters, so that the campaign looks nice and well cared for. In addition, your customers will appreciate being able to hand out a free sample to consumers.


– You can link a purchasing action to the promotion. This allows you to sell more of a certain product.
– Nice promotion for the branch: they get a ready-made promotion. For example, when purchasing two specific products, the consumer receives a free sample.
– Extra service for your customer.
– Your customers always enjoy receiving free products that they can then distribute to consumers.

Three nice sampling campaigns that we have rolled out:

We have set up a sampling campaign for Bambix at baby stores. Read here all about it. 

We started a sampling campaign together with Maggi. You can read here where we have sampled.

We have set up a sampling campaign for Herbamare. Read here everything about the campaign.  

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