Test YOUR product

Do you have a great product, but you are not sure how the consumer will react to this? Test your product via the Monsterdoos or send a sample to your specific target group!

Via the Monsterdoos, consumers come into contact with new products or variants (such as a new taste) in their own home environment. By sampling your new product in the Monsterdoos, you can immediately test your product. Thanks to our Consumer Insights Application, which we offer free of charge for the Monsterdoos, consumers can leave their feedback on your product. Experience shows that consumers really enjoy giving their opinion about the products received. That is why we request standard feedback from all products and all participants receive a report about their product. We provide extra attention and publicity through the website, Facebook and mailings.

You can also have your product tested at a specific target group at home. We send your sample to your target group via monstertester.nl. This method of sampling is the method for allowing your specific target group to come into direct contact with your product. Thanks to our extensive database, the product always reaches your target group. Thanks to our CIA you ultimately have a clear picture of how consumers have experienced your product.

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