Tailor-made sampling

Tailor-made sampling

Tailor-made sampling

Tailor-made sampling is clearly central to our vision. Lime Factory reaches consumers specifically when they have both the time and the need for the brand. This seems logical but, in practice,is unfortunately not always the case.

We search for points of reference from the brand that match a specific sampling channel or location.
This can be done through one of our partners, a retailer or, for example, on the street – assuming the product and target group are suitable for this.
And, of course, the target group also plays an important role here.


De Warme Bakker & ERU

Sauna’s and Alpro

Fire Masters & Mentos

Mentos & Randstad

Kettle & Grape district

Becel & The Real Baker


It is possible, through various channels, to reach the right target group at the right time when the need is greatest.
Please feel free to contact us if your target group is not listed. Together, we can always search for the perfect match.

Target groups

The following target groups can be easily reached via our Tailor-made Sampling:

  • Men and women 18-25 years
  • Men and women 18-35 years
  • Men and women 20-45 years
  • Men and women 45-65 years
  • Men 29-49 years
  • Women 29-49 years
  • Young people 16 – 18 years
  • Children 4-15 years


The following categories are easy to reach and focus on different characteristics of the target group:

  • Health oriented
  • Culinary lover
  • Athlete
  • Fashion conscious
  • Recreation / relaxation
  • Overnight stay

    Options: retailers, such as clothing stores and grinders. Sampling on the shop floor, via delivery services and coffee houses. Also workshops and saunas.