Stagiair Wall of Fame

1. Describe Lime Factory in your own words, without using the word ‘sampling’.
It is NOT a factory where Limes are produced.

2. What do you do for us?
Everything! From small jobs, such as posting proposals on social media, to implementing an advertising campaign. Mainly writing texts, proposing powerpoints, making evaluations and looking up channels.

3. How do you find working for us?
Great! The people you work with are especially fun and think along the same lines as you do. I really do not want to leave ☹.

4. What are the best jobs/ activities?
I find that the nicest tasks are editing pictures and reflecting on where a customer can sample everything.

5. What are the worst jobs or activities that you have done?/strong>
Adding to the database. The database contains all our channels and their contact information. I supplemented this by adding information from various Exel files to the database.

6. Why would you recommend us as an internship company?
Multiple reasons! Super friendly, pleasant and cooperative team, the location is top!, fun and instructive work assignments, you are always given help when something does not go well, many varied tasks and free lunch 😉.

7. Summarize the working atmosphere with us in one word.
Comfortable, you work independently but get help within a minute if you need it. It is always chilled, with nice music in the background and good working conditions.

8. What is typical Chris??
Chris is a solutions man. If you are struggling with something, no problem! Chris wil have the answer!

9. What is typical Govert?
Relaxed guy, No problem is so great that it can’t easily be solved.

10. With whom or what can Lime Factory best be compared to, according to you??
Cupid, Lime Factory is just like cupid – always looking for the perfect match.

11. What can you definitely not expect from / with us?
What I did not expect is that I found it lot more chilled working here than going to school.

12. What tips would you give to your successor?
Ask as many questions as you want, no question is stupid!

13. What have you learnt with / from us?
To find out if something works,in most cases just do it in. That is the best way to gain experience.

14. Name something that you will not or will miss from us.
What I’m going to miss is being free on Friday, and my own permanent spot in the office.

15. Come up with a question and answer it too 🙂
What if you have to leave during working hours? No problem, but tell someone, of course.[/ultimate_modal]