Nescafé Cappuccino

Each customer receives a sample Nescafé Cappuccino

General information

Product: Nescafé Cappuccino (Cappuccino classic, Cappuccino mocha, Caramel Latte and Latte).

Nescafé Cappuccino is an authentic cappuccino with a full layer of milk foam, as you know from a coffee shop. Nescafé Cappuccino is there for the moments that really count.



Holidays are memories and with this in mind you can surprise your guests during their stay with a free sample Nescafé Cappuccino. During the holidays, guests have time to quietly drink a cup of coffee, especially if it is a nice sample of Nescafé. So put a smile on the face of your guests!

The facts at a glance

  • Numbers: In consultation
  • Timing: May – June, 2019.
  • Communication: in consultation, via counter standard and flyers.

The sampling campaign can also be linked to your own marketing campaign


  • Nice ready-made action, Nestcafé is an A-brand and will fit perfectly with the target group.
  • Completely free of charge.
  • Extra service towards your customer.
  • Consumers always enjoy receiving free products.


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