Every customer recieves a sample of Nesquik

General information

Product: Nesquik

Nesquik is a delicious chocloate powder that turns milk into a irresistable drink! Milk contains calcium, and this is necessary for the maintenaince of normal bones. Milk is also part of a balanced diet for children.


Put a smale on the face of your customers with a free sample

In combination with fresh milk, a delicious cocoa drink is quickly produced that is very tasty, both cold and hot. In addition to being tasty and easy to prepare, Nesquik is also enriched with the OPTI-START formula!

The OPTI-START formula is a combination of vitamins and minerals selected by Nestlé that completes the benefits of milk. NESQUIK is enriched with:

Vitamin D: which contributes to the normal absorption of calcium from milk, as well as to the maintenance of normal bones.

Iron and zinc: that contribute to normal cognitive function, such as learning capacity and concentration.

Wheter it is during a pleasant holiday with the whole family or if you and your child go shopping for new clothes, thanks to Nesquik you can take it again.

The facts at a glance

• Numbers: 10,000 – 25,000 pieces.

• Period: October – December 2019.

• Communication: in consultation, via counter standard and posters.

The sampling campaign can also be linked to your own marketing campaign


  • Nice ready-made action, Oasis is an A-brand and fits perfectly with the target group.
  • Completely free of charge.
  • Extra service towards your customer.
  • Consumers always enjoy receiving free products.


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