Each customer receives a sample  Maytea

General information

Product: Maytea – tea infused drink without any sweeteners, preservatives and with natural flavors.

Maytea is part of premium iced tea, with 94% of infused tea, natural flavors and low sugar (less than
5g of sugar per 100ml).
In its purest form, the tea leaf is carefully immersed in water. A unique experience is guaranteed. Maytea is sampled in 4 flavors: Peach / Mint / Lemon / Blackberry.

Maytea is the ideal drink for sampling at, for example, thermen and wellness, sports clubs, bakers and fashion retailers. Give the consumer a little extra home after an intensive sports session or a nice day of wellness. How about a day of shopping? A refreshing and responsible drink is no superfluous luxury!


Millennials, born between 1985 and 2000, are characterized as the “foodie generation”. This is a generation that has health high on the agenda. Maytea is therefore a responsible drink for in between. Ideal for on the go: whether it’s during an afternoon of shopping or going to the bakery. With Maytea you will feel refreshed.

The facts

• Number: to be decided
• Duration: November 2019
• Communication: in consultation, via counter standard and posters.

The sampling campaign can also be linked to your own marketing campaign


  • Nice ready-made action, Maytea is an A-brand and fits perfectly with the target group.
  • Completely free of charge.
  • Extra service towards your customer.
  • Consumers always enjoy receiving free products.

Examples of campaigns

Lipton Herbal Ice Tea at food delivery
Spa Touch at Jack & Jones en food delivery
Alvalle at Carrefour

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