If you want to grow as a brand, you want the consumer to feel involved with your brand, so that they are more likely to convert and make a repeat purchase. You can do this through brand activation. Brand activation stimulates trial, which should lead to purchases and ultimately to a form of loyalty for your brand. Sampling can play a major role in this. Lime Factory offers 4 methods of sampling: channel sampling, Monsterdoos, Monstertester and field marketing. Below you can read what these forms of sampling entail.

Channel Sampling

Would you like to reach many consumers within a certain time? We deliver your message at the right time to the right target group in the right place. Consider, for example, handing out a chilled drink or responsible snack to motorists when they have to wait while washing their car.

A suitable example is the sampling campaign for Lipton at Van der Valk. Every mini-bar in the hotel room has a nice chilled can of Lipton for the guests arriving. On the table is a table card and coupon. With the coupon, the consumer receives a 1 euro discount with a next Lipton purchase.

Consumers can leave feedback via On this website we ask the participants what they thought of the received sample. Filling in takes less than two minutes and there is a win promotion linked to it, which increases the response. We can also provide consumer insights after six months. So you know exactly what the penetration and repeat purchases are after the last sampling campaign.

Of course you want to attract attention with your campaign. This can be done in various ways, such as a nice counter display, nice sidewalk sign, a playful poster or with a handy flyer that can be given to the consumer or a nice post in a newsletter. We work together with designers, creative concept developers, marketing specialists and web developers who help taking care of, for example, the design of the promotional materials and catchy photos of the campaign. You can also leave the repackaging of products to us. Quality is important when repackaging products. We unpack products and can redistribute them so that it fits in well with the relevant campaign. We can also discuss other wishes.


Would you like to test your product among curious consumers and do you want to know how they will respond to this? Sample your product for free in the Monsterdoos! The Monsterdoos is an alternative way of sampling, where consumers come into contact with new products or variants (for example, a new taste) in their own home environment.

By sampling your new product in the Monsterdoos, you can immediately test your product. Thanks to our Consumer Insights Application, which we offer free of charge for the Monsterdoos, consumers can leave their feedback on your product. Experience shows that consumers really enjoy giving their opinion about the products received. That is why we request standard feedback from all products and all participants receive a report about their product. We provide extra attention and publicity through the website, Facebook and mailings.


Do you want to maximize your response? We send your sample to a specific target group via This method of sampling is the method for allowing your specific target group to come into direct contact with your product. Thanks to target group segmentation you can distribute your samples in a very targeted way. This leads to little waste and makes it a cost-effective method.

We have an extensive database of consumers, where we can select, among other things, age and gender. The product always falls on the doormat with your target group. Moreover, they already enjoy trying a new product, which means that the number of users is very high. Thanks to our feedback program you ultimately have a clear picture of how consumers have experienced your product.

Field sampling/event sampling

Consumers still prefer the “touch and feel” experience before buying a new product. That is why sampling is one of the most powerful routes to use for conversion. Sampling can increase the penetration of your brand. By distributing free samples you can increase the number of people trying to increase the product.

Promotion teams can be deployed at various locations and events to stimulate brand awareness and trial. Lime Factory, in collaboration with various partners, can use field sampling and event sampling to enhance the brand experience and to get your product under the attention. This can of course be offered in combination with our Consumer Insights Application. This way you can obtain specific insights about your target group.


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