Sampling Becel Pure

Each customer receives a sample Becel Pure

General information

Product: Becel Pure
Becel wants to inspire people and help them to eat more vegan because it is good for your health and better for the earth.

Innovation: Becel Pure is free of lactose, gluten, palm oil and preservative in a more sustainable premium transparent tub. And it has a delicious taste! In addition, Becel Pure has a sustainable packaging: more than 50% of the plastic is sustainable and from renewable sources.

Duration:  From week 18
Number: To be agreed upon.
Communication: In consultation via branded fridges, flyers, posters and / or counter stand.

“I am looking for vegan products that are also as pure as possible. Free of additives, made from simple ingredients.”


The sampling campaign can of course also be linked to your own marketing campaign!


  • Great campaign, Becel Pure is a popular brand and fits perfectly with the target group.
  • Completely free of charge.
  • Extra service towards your customer.
  • Consumers always like to receive free products.


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