Sample your product at Studystore

Sample your product during the back to school period. Around this time, consumers are reviewing their routine and open to new products. This means that countless beautiful and new products are ready for consumers to start the new school year off right. It is therefore an ideal period for sampling for many brands. This period guarantees an increase in sales of various products.


We take care of everything so that you can focus on the consumer. A nice counter stand, flyer or poster attracts attention. We also take this into account, so that the campaign looks nice and well cared for. In addition, consumers will appreciate trying out a free sample.

Are you interested in sampling during the back to school period? You can contact us or click below for more information.

Target group: (1st year) students, 16 – 25 years old.
Timing: July – August 2020.
– HBO / WO: 200,000 units (July-August)
– MBO: 180,000 (July-August)
– 100,000 units during the rest of the year.
Communication: Counter stand, flyer.


  • Nice ready-made action.
  • Reach your target group immediately.
  • Consumers always enjoy receiving free products.

Would you like to know more about sampling campaigns and are you interested? Please complete the information request. You can also send an email to:

Examples of CAMPAigns

Lipton Herbal Ice Tea at Hello Fresh
Lipton Herbal Ice Tea at Hello Fresh
Yes! at sneakershops
Yes! at sneakershops
L’Atelier at
L’Atelier at