Sample your product

Reach new consumers

From our point of view, it is important to sample when the consumer has time and need. This has led to our strategic sampling concept at Center Parcs, where we focus on families with children and the shopper. For many brands, the family vacation is an ideal time to sample.

It is a fact that sampling works¬† well. The social norm of reciprocity forces us to give after we receive something. In addition, the sympathy of “free trial” will be linked to a brand.

The trend of recent years is that modern consumers need to first try out a product before a purchase is made. Did you know that more than 78% of consumers who make a purchase gave the reason that they were given the opportunity to try out the product?

Reach new consumers

Sampling when your target group has the time and is open to new things: it sounds difficult, but not impossible.

On vacation, consumers are more open to try new products. They are in a different environment, where they do not have their usual brands at hand. They can try out your new product in peace.

When you randomly hand out samples, the results of the research will yield little. It is then difficult to measure. The Welcome Package is handed out to all visitors to Center Parcs in the Netherlands and Belgium. You can participate in the Belgium package or in the Netherlands package. The costs per contact are low, you often reach no fewer than 5 consumers per sample. This is also a perfect moment to experience your brand.

More than 50% of consumers would not have purchased the product if they had not been able to try it for free.

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