Response sampling

Reach your target audience directly with response sampling

Do you want to maximize your response? Then use response sampling. This is the sampling method to let your target group come into direct contact with your product. Thanks to audience segmentation, you can distribute your samples very specifically. This leads to little waste and makes it a cost-effective method.

The consumer needs to first try out a product before making a purchase. You could send your product by post to your target group. Your target group has the ultimate experience. He or she can feel, smell and taste the product. By experiencing your product, the purchase of your product will be made faster in the future.

From our perspective, it is important to sample when the consumer has time and need. It is a fact that sampling works very well. The social norm of reciprocity forces us to give after we have taken something. Moreover, the sympathy of ‘free trial’ will be linked to a brand.

How we work

Participating is very easy. We can discuss all possibilities and wishes together. The only thing we need from you are the samples. We take care of the promotional material around it. You can think of envelopes, flyers or perhaps a nice recipe for inspiration.

We have an extensive database with consumer insights. This allows us to target your target audience in a targeted manner. The product always falls on your doorstep with your target group. Moreover, they find it fun to try a new product, so the number of users is very high. Thanks to our feedback program, you ultimately have a clear picture of how consumers have experienced your product.

Curious how we made 500 consumers happy? Read here how we executed a respons sampling campaign for Santa Maria.

Social Sampling

Are you already familiar with Social Sampling? Due to Social Sampling we can digitize the well-known sampling campaigns on the street. Via social sampling you can give the person who is targeted for response sampling the opportunity to share the action, so that their friends can also request the sample. A maximum number of requests can be linked to this, so it is limited within this group.

Your product can be communicated via for example Facebook or WhatsApp. The big advantage of Social Sampling is that consumers themselves are the best promoters. They can spread the product on their own social media to friends and family. When you receive a product from a friend, not only the friend is experienced as sympathetic, but your product is also characterized as reliable.

Social Sampling ensures that people feel important through the act of sharing. A recent study by the Haas School of Business confirms that “status increases seem to be particularly strong when they are correlated with generosity and dedication to the group”. When you give consumers a way to share with friends, you help with a positive association of the consumer and ultimately your brand.

According to Nielsen, 46% of consumers worldwide use social media to make purchasing decisions. Take advantage of this!

Advantages of Respons Sampling

  • Minimal waste
  • Cost effective
  • 100% in the target audience
  • Many communication possibilities (e-mail, landing page, envelope, flyer)
  • Large database
  • Possibilities of social sampling (invite a friend)

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