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Yes! at Intersport and Thermen

Yes! at Intersport and Thermen

Lime Factory has set up a sampling campaign for Yes! at Intersport and Thermen and Belgium. Yes! Nut bars contains dark chocolate and delicious nuts. Who would have thought that snacking could be so delicious?

Discover what nature has to offer with the surprising flavors of Yes! All daring ingredients together make Yes! bars unique.

Yes! Nut bars are sampled at Intersport and Thermen in Belgium. The sampling campaign has been communicated through a counter standard and flyer.

We have received many positive responses from employees. So they say:

“The promotion is going very well, we are going through the samples very quickly. We are also giving the flyer. The customers are responding very positively! A very nice promotion.”

“The customers react very positively and they thought it was a fun promotion. Also positive that it is gluten free”.

We can conclude that Yes! has made many consumers happy. For us a successful sampling campaign.

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