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Wunda Not Milk

Wunda bij Food Delivery

Lime Factory set up a sampling campaign for Wunda at various Food Delivery channels throughout the Netherlands. Wunda unsweetenend is a plant-based drink based on pea protein, delicious in taste and wunda-fully versatile.

Wunda is a milk alternative based on pea protein, is rich in vitamins and calcium and sugar free. Samples were distributed through various Food Delivery, such as at Poké Bowl Original, Poké Bar and Pokétaria. Upon home delivery of a meal, consumers were presented with a free sample of Wunda 500 ml, including a flyer. This flyer communicates the feedback program and a giveaway. With the feedback program we collect valuable data on product appreciation and repeat purchase intention. The campaign was very well received by both the Food Delivery channels and the customers.


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