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Venco Choco d’rop introduction

Venco Choco D’rop sampling campaign

Venco Choco D’rop is a new product in the Netherlands. Venco has introduced five flavors to the market. The combination of chocolate and licorice will not appeal to everyone at once, this is really a product you have to try before you buy it. Lime Factory helped to set up a sampling campaign.

For this campaign we looked at different channels that fit well with the target group of Choco D’rop. Besides the target group, we also looked at the moment of sampling. The focus was on moments of enjoyment. In the end, we chose to sample from the following channels:
– Hairdressers, a.o. at Kinki Kappers
– Florists, such as Bloei&Zo
– Home interior stores, such as het Kabinet
– Premium clothing retailers, such as Oger
– Gift webshops, such as Yoursurprise
– Supermarkets, such as Plus supermakten
– Coffee shops, such as Koffie-Star

Consumers were pleasantly surprised with a free sample. With every purchase, the consumer receives a Venco Choco D’rop along with a flyer. Through this flyer, the feedback program and the giveaway is communicated. With the feedback program, we collect valuable data on product appreciation and repeat purchase intentions.



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