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Unox at Studystore

Unox at Studystore

Lime Factory has set up a sampling campaign for Unox at all six Studystore locations throughout the Netherlands. Unox Good Pasta Tomato is a tasty pasta snack.

Unox Good Pasta is a good filling snack and, moreover, ready in a jiffy. All you have to do is boil water and pour it into the package. Unox Good Pasta contains no flavor enhancers, artificial colors or preservatives.

The samples were distributed at Studystore, at all locations throughout the Netherlands. With every purchase the consumer receives a free sample of Unox Good Pasta. The sampling campaign was communicated by means of a counter standard and shelf card.

Studystore has indicated that the employees are very enthusiastic about the promotion. They like to hand out a free Unox sample. And the students see it as a gift, they are very happy with it. For example, an employee received the response: “That’s thoughtful! Perfect for later, thank you”.

The collaboration went smoothly. We are therefore looking forward to repeating this sampling campaign in the future.

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