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The Real Baker & Gouda’s Glory

The Real Baker & Gouda’s Glory

In collaboration with The Real Baker we set up a sampling campaign for Gouda’s Glory. 

The Gouda’s Glorie Children’s Pounds were chilled and sampled at 38 locations of The Real Baker . When buying 2 loaves of bread, the customer was given a free Children’s Pound of Gouda’s Glory. Based on responses and comments we can conclude that the sampling campaign, and the product were received very positively by the customer. The bakers themselves liked to give / share. There was also a baker who particularly gave the Children’s Pound to children alongside bread. Some reactions from the bakers:

  • Gouda’s Glory is really popular among my customers.
  • People just buy this bread now, while they normally do not.

    Customers reacted very enthusiastically. Some bought extra bread in order to receive a Children’s Pound, and those who did not yet know the product wanted to try it. As far as we are concerned, a successful sampling action!

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