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Spa at the wellness, sneaker shops and children’s playgrounds

Spa at the sauna, sneaker shops and children’s playgrounds

Lime Factory has set up a sampling campaign for Spa at wellness, sneaker shops and children’s play paradise throughout the Netherlands. Three different Spa products have been sampled: Spa Subtile, Spa Touch and Spa Duo.

Do you already know the different products of Spa? Spa Subtile is pure water with a subtle taste, without calories or sugars. Spa Touch is a wonderfully refreshing combination of sparkling, natural mineral water from Spa with a hint of natural aroma. Finally, Spa Duo is a lemonade without carbon, with surprising flavor combinations.

The samples were distributed at various saunas, such as LeeuwerikHoeve, sneaker shops and children’s play paradises. With every visit to the sauna or children’s playgrounds or with every purchase of sneakers at sneaker shops, the consumer receives a free sample. The promotion was communicated through a flyer and counter standard.

The employees really like being able to give away a sample. And consumers are pleasantly surprised when getting a sample. Employees say the following about the promotion:

  • “Guests love it!”
  • “The spa promotion went very well! It was a success”.
  • “The Spa sampling was a great success! Was highly appreciated by our guests, they also really enjoyed being able to make a choice between the flavors”.

The collaboration went well. We are therefore looking forward to repeating this sampling campaign in the future.

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