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Quaker Kids at holiday parcs and C&A

Quaker Kids at holiday parcs and C&A

Lime Factory has set up a sampling campaign for Quaker at various holiday parks and C&A in Belgium. Quaker Kids Crunchy Mix-Up is a mix of delicious oatmeal chunks with crispy animal figures.

You can start your day well with Quaker Kids. Already at breakfast you can look for squirrels and catch bears among the crispy oatmeal chunks. Quaker Kids Crunchy Mix-Up contains 40% less sugar.

The samples were distributed at holiday parks at different locations in Belgium and in the children’s department of clothing store C&A.

Upon arrival, the consumer receives a pack of Quaker Kids including a flyer at the reception. This is communicated by means of a counter standard including win action. At C&A the consumer receives a sample including flyer during every purchase of children’s clothing. This is communicated here via a shelf card with the clothing.

Various holiday parks and C&A locations have indicated that the employees are very enthusiastic about the promotion. Consumers are also enthusiastic.

We have been told by consumers:

“It was nice and crunchy. It felt like a healthier breakfast than other cereals. The chocolate flavor could have been a bit more pronounced for me”.

“It contains less sugar but you don’t taste it, which is great of course!”

“We have tasted it and found the taste surprisingly tasty despite the lesser sugar”.

“The kids enjoyed it very much with milk for breakfast, we have already bought a box and more will follow”.

The collaboration went well. We are therefore looking forward to repeating this sampling campaign in the future.

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