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Pipers at Carrefour

Pipers at Carrefour

Lime Factory has set up a sampling campaign for Pipers at various Carrefour locations throughout Belgium. Pipers chips are tasty and quality chips.

Pipers’ crispy chips mainly focuses on the quality of the chips. The chips are made from the best potatoes, seasoned with carefully selected unique flavorings.

Consumers were pleasantly surprised with a free sample of Pipers chips at Carrefour supermarkets. With every purchase, the consumer receives a free sample including flyer.

Consumers are enthusiastic. So they say:

  • “These have become my favorite chips!”
  • “Reminds me of a summer dish … really tasty, special aftertaste”.
  • “Truly heavenly taste, this will be our new favorite!”

The collaboration went well. We therefore look forward to this sampling promotion being able to take place again.

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