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Mike’s Hard Seltzer with Food delivery

Mike’s Hard Seltzer

Hard Seltzer is a trendy drink that has blown over from the States. It is a light alcoholic drink that is low in calories. Since, there have been several providers of this product. One of them is Mike’s Hard Seltzer. Mike’s Hard Seltzer Lime combines refreshment with quality. The mix of sparkling water, distilled alcohol and the real fruit flavor of lime make for a wonderfully refreshing drink.

Mike’s is going up against several Hard Seltzer vendors. We helped them with this by setting up a sampling campaign. We did this at different Food Delivery channels in Belgium. With each delivery, consumers received a free can of Mike’s Hard Seltzer.

Consumers were pleasantly surprised with a free sample. With every purchase the consumer receives a sample together with a flyer. Through this flyer the feedback program and the giveaway is communicated. With the feedback program we collect valuable data on product appreciation and repeat purchase intent.



Curious about the possibilities of sampling campaigns? Check out our Services page or contact us for the possibilities for your business.

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