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Maytea at JBC, gyms and wellness

Maytea at JBC, gyms and wellness

Lime Factory has set up a sampling campaign for Maytea at JBC, gyms and wellness in Belgium. Maytea is a surprising iced tea that consists of 94% real tea infusion.

Maytea is a real tea infusion. In its purest form, a tea leaf is carefully submerged in water and fruit. Maytea is drunk ice cold for intense refreshment.

The samples were distributed in three flavors at different JBC locations, at gyms such as Life Style Fitness and Oxygen Fitness and at wellness, such as Thermen Londerzeel in Belgium. With every purchase at JBC and with every visit to the gym and wellness, the consumer receives a bottle of Maytea, including a flyer. The promotion was communicated through a counter standard and flyer. The Consumer Insights Application is also communicated on this.

The employees really like being able to give away a sample. And consumers are pleasantly surprised when getting a sample.

Hereby also a number of responses from consumers:

  • “With Maytea, you never have that nasty aftertaste of sugar, like in many other soft drinks.”
  • “It was tasty and refreshing”.
  • “Nice to try in a gym environment!”
  • “Glad to discover it … Nice that we got to know it. Will buy it regularly”.
  • “I did not know it but it is certainly tasty and without the sweeteners also healthy. I will buy it for sure”.

The collaboration went well. We are therefore looking forward to repeating this sampling campaign in the future.

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