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Maggi at the greengrocer

Maggi at the greengrocer

Lime Factory has set up a sampling campaign for Maggi at various greengrocers in the Netherlands. Maggi Thai green curry contains noodles and a delicious spice mix. This dish is ready in no time.

Maggi Thai Green Curry with natural vegetables contains 80% of the recommended daily amount of vegetables for an adult.

These delicious stir-fry noodles are distributed in 44 different greengrocers throughout the Netherlands. For example, the samples were handed out at Van Looy in Lelystad, De Westlandse Tuin in Rotterdam and Kraay in Baarn.

When buying wok vegetables, the consumer receives a free sample of Maggi Thai Green Curry. The action was communicated through a nice counter stand.

The noodles were received with great enthusiasm by the consumer. Moreover, different greengrocers find it a nice extra gift to give to their customers.

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