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Lipton Green Tea at holiday parks

Lipton at holiday parks

Lime Factory has set up a sampling campaign for Lipton at various holiday parks throughout Belgium. Lipton Green Tea is a wonderfully refreshing iced tea, surprisingly low in calories.

Lipton Green Tea is a wonderfully refreshing beverage, suitable for every moment of the day. This tasty drink is made on the basis of green tea and is partly sweetened with a sweetener of natural origin.

The samples were distributed at various holiday parks throughout Belgium, such as Familiepark Camping Olympia, Camping Petite Suisse and Landal Mooi-Zutendaal.

At the reception, a Lipton voucher is given to guests upon arrival. With this voucher, guests can collect a Lipton Green Tea including a neckhanger in the park shop. If there is a fridge at the reception, the sample is immediately given to the guests there as well.

The bottles are cooled and offered including a neckhanger.

Several holiday parks have indicated that the employees are very enthusiastic about the promotion. They like to give Lipton away. Consumers are pleasantly surprised when they receive a sample for free.

We have been told by employees:

“Many positive reactions received. Many people also like that there is no sting, people who do not like normal ice tea indicate that they like it”.

Consumers gave the following responses:

“Surprisingly tasty and not too sweet. Delicious thirst quencher!”

“Very thoughtful that we received a Lipton ice tea green at the campsite for free”.

“It was a great product, I will definitely buy it more often, thank you for the nice drink”.

The collaboration went well. We are therefore looking forward to repeating this sampling campaign in the future.

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