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Lenor at Intersport

Lenor at Intersport

Lime Factory has set up a sampling campaign for Lenor at Intersport. Lenor Unstoppables is a scent booster for your laundry, suitable for all items of clothing.

Lenor Unstoppables has a wonderful scent, allowing you to experience a long-lasting freshness. It gives clothing around 12 weeks more freshness in your closet. Adjust the odor intensity by choosing how many pearls you use.

Lenor Unstoppables is sampled at Intersport. The sampling campaign was communicated at Intersport through a counter standard and flyer. The feedback program including competition is communicated on the flyer.

We have received many positive reactions from employees. They say:

“Customers come with positive feedback. They think it is a useful product and of course always nice when they get a little something extra.”

“Every athlete has problems with fragrant clothing, so nice to give them an option.”

We can conclude that Lenor Unstoppable has made many consumers happy. For us a successful sampling campaign.

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