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Knoppers Nutbar at Studystore

Knoppers at Studystore

Knoppers is known for the chocolate hazelnut wafer, but for some time now they have other products in the Knoppers range. They now also have Knoppers Bars, these are chocolate bars with a filling with different layers. It is a satisfying snack, perfect for when studying for an exam! Knoppers focuses on teenagers. But how do you reach this group? And how do you link it to the moment of use? We did this by setting up a sampling campaign.

We sampled the Knoppers Nutbar at Studystore. With every order, the consumer receives a free Knoppers bar. The promotion was communicated through a flyer. On this flyer, the following message was communicated: “A unique snack to continue your work with enthusiasm! Do you have exams, you have to study hard, or follow an online class? Take a Knoppers Bar and you can get back to work!

By working with Studystore, we were able to reach the right target group and link the product to the study moment.

Do you also want to reach a certain target group, or do you want to link your product to a moment of use? Check out our Services page or contact us for the possibilities for your company.

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