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Knoppers at supermarkets, car washes and van Dijk

Knoppers at supermarkets, car washes, sneaker shops, and van Dijk school supplies

Lime Factory has set up a sampling campaign for Knoppers at various supermarkets, car washes, sneaker shops and van Dijk school supplies throughout the Netherlands. Knoppers Nutbar is the small, tasty and nutritious pick-me-up for in between.

Consumers were pleasantly surprised by a free sample at supermarkets, car washes (such as BOB Autowas), sneaker shops, and van Dijk school supplies. With every purchase / visit the consumer receives a Knoppers Nutbar. The promotion is communicated by means of a sidewalk sign at the car washes, woblers and displays at the supermarkets and a flyer with the feedback program where a win promotion is communicated.

Consumers are enthusiastic. So they say:

  • “I loved Knoppers and I will definitely buy it!”
  • “I really liked it. Good, thick chocolate, really good.”

The collaboration went well. We look forward to having this sampling promotion again!

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