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Sportlife Boost sampling

Sportlife Boost chewing gum

Sportlife Boost is the new gum in the Sportlife range. Besides being very fresh this gum gives you the Boost you need. Do you need more Focus? Then go for Boost Focus. A sharp mind is a must to be able to flame. The new Sportlife Boost Focus contains vitamin B3 and vitamin B6. Vitamins B3 and B6 stimulate the ability to concentrate and support the learning performance. Do you need a little more energy for sports? Then the Sportlife Boost Energy comes in handy. How wonderful is it to have endless energy? The new Sportlife Boost Energy contains caffeine… and vitamin C. Vitamin C is a proven energizer.

Lime Factory helped with the introduction of the product by means of a sampling campaign at different channels.

For this campaign we looked at different channels that fit well with the target group of Sportlife Boost. Besides the target group, we also looked at the moment of sampling. The focus was on moments of enjoyment. In the end, we chose to sample from the following channels:

  • Food delivery
  • Game stores
  • Sneaker stores
  • Fashion Retail
  • Gyms
  • Studystore
  • Sports stores

Consumers were pleasantly surprised with a free sample. With every purchase the consumer receives a sample together with a flyer. Through this flyer the feedback program and the win-action is communicated. With the feedback program we collect valuable data on product valuation and repeat purchase intent.


Curious about the possibilities of sampling campaigns? Check out our Services page or contact us for the possibilities for your business.

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