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Herbamare Easter promotion at Jumbo

Herbamare Easter promotion at Jumbo

Lime Factory has set up a sampling campaign for Herbamare at various Jumbo’s throughout the Netherlands. Herbamare salt is an organic herb salt that flavors dishes or can be used as table salt.

Herbamare seasoning salt is a pure seasoning. Because of the mix of sea salt, organically grown vegetables and herbs, you can use less salt and give your dishes more flavor. For example, you can use Herbamare herbal salt to prepare tasty dishes in a healthier way.

The samples were distributed at Jumbo’s throughout the Netherlands during the Easter period. Consumers will receive a sample with the purchase of a box of eggs. The sampling campaign was communicated by means of a shelf card and a display.

Consumers enjoyed getting something extra when paying for their groceries. Jumbo has indicated that the employees are also very enthusiastic about the promotion. They like to hand out a product. We got the response: “The promotion went well, went through the samples quickly, customers liked it! Herbamare herbal salt pots were also sold faster”.

The collaboration went smoothly. We are therefore looking forward to repeating this sampling campaign in the future.

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