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Herbamare at Jumbo/ Greengrocer/ Breakfast service/ Cooking shop

Herbamare at Jumbo/ greengrocer/ breakfast service/ cooking shop

Lime Factory has set up a sampling campaign for Herbamare at various Jumbo stores, De Echte Groentenman, and the De Slijpper cooking shop. Herbamare Original is an organic seasoning salt that adds more taste to dishes and which can be used as a table salt. 

Herbamare is a 100% natural salt that is ideal for seasoning dishes. It consists of sea salt and 14 different fresh organically grown vegetables, garden herbs and spices.

The target group of Herbamare are the conscious eaters. To reach this target group as well as possible, a sample is added to the box of eggs at the cash register of Jumbo when checking the eggs.

The promotion is communicated by shelf cards and a recipe card. Our feedback program is communicated on the recipe card.

At De Echte Groenteman, counter displays have been placed and with every purchase the consumer receives a sample and a recipe card. When purchasing in the  Meesterslijpers store and online, a flyer and a sample are handed over to the consumer.

At the sample is added to the breakfast packages.

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