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Cash back campaign for Healthy People

Cash back campaign for Healthy People

How do you make sure you reach the right target group with a cash back promotion? We received this question from Healthy People. We set up a cash back action for them, through our platform Kassabonkorting. Kassabonkorting is a platform for cash back actions and is an alternative way to let consumers try a product via the store. A cash back strategy works as a barrier to acquiring new customers. 

Healthy people has several healthy juices on the supermarket’s refrigerated shelf. They wanted to increase the rotation of these juices, but only for a specific target group. Cash back actions often reach a broad target group. For this campaign we entered into a cooperation with Linda magazine, the readers of this magazine fall exactly within the intended target group.

We placed an advertisement in the magazine. Here we used unique codes, this way we ensured that only the intended audience could participate in this campaign. Consumers could buy two favorite Healthy People superfruit mixes in a supermarket of their choice and then claim the purchase price back on This campaign had a redemption rate of +1%.

During a receipt discount we collect various data. For example, during this campaign we gained insight into which consumers we reached, which variant they liked and which supermarket they shop at.  For more information about the data we collect you can look here.


Do you also want to reach a specific target group with your cash back promotion? Check out the Cash Back Discount page or contact us for the possibilities for your business.