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Cash back campaign Gold & Green

Cash back campaign for Gold&Green

Gold&Green‘s pulled oats are very popular in the supermarket. The pulled oats are healthy and also good for the climate. Why limit yourself to the supermarket when you can also be present during drinks on the terrace. The hospitality industry should be able to make more conscious choices. To achieve this, we have set up a money-back action for them through our platform Kassabonkorting. Kassabonkorting is a platform for cash back actions and is an alternative way for consumers to try a product in the store. A cash back strategy makes it easier to obtain new customers. 

People are thinking more and more about climate change these days. Gold&Green is also thinking about this. They argue that every meal has an impact on how our world looks. Pulled Oats® is made from pure Nordic oats, faba beans and peas. Full of protein and only the goodness of nature, so no additives and E numbers. We think this makes Pulled Oats the perfect ingredient for your favorite meal. Because what’s good for our earth can also be delicious and healthy!

Gold&Green has set up a cash back campaign. This campaign is aimed at hospitality entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs are notified with a flyer with QR code. The participants are directed to the website of Gold&Green. Here one can fill in his/her personal data and then claim the purchase amount back by uploading the receipt.

During a receipt rebate we collect various data. For example, during this campaign we gained insight into which consumers we reached and which supermarket they shop at. For more information about the data we collect you can look here.


Do you also want to reach a specific target group with a cash back promotion? Check out the Cash Back page or contact us for the possibilities for your business.