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Breakfast Services, Cooking Shops & Herbamare

Breakfast Services and Cooking Shops & Herbamare

Lime Factory set up a sampling campaign for Herbamare at various chains. Herbamare Herbal salt was sampled at breakfast services, cookery shops, Van der Valk and Center Parcs.

This was in no way a vague sampling promotion! Lime Factory worked with Herbamare sea salt with organic herbs and vegetables, at Beschuitje, Goedemorgenontbijtservice, Breakfast service, Surprisekookgerei, Potten &¬† Pans, Kitchen & More, Cookinglife, Cook & Co, Center Parcs and Van der Valk.¬†Herbamare is a perfect example for “moment sampling”: Sampling when the target audience has the time and need.

Cooking shops: When you order your cooking utensils, you can immediately start cooking with the seasoning salt sachet. Center Parcs: At check-in you receive “the Welcome Box”, it contains all kinds of tasty products which are handy for your house.

Van der Valk: During the breakfast buffet the salt is placed next to the eggs. Due to proximity to the point of use, these are perfect matches! The sampling promotion was carried out by means of flyers, counter displays and our feedback program. Opinion about the salt could be placed on line, so the success of the campaign could be measured.

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