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Becel Pure at bakeries

Becel Pure at bakeries

Lime Factory has set up a sampling campaign for Becel at various bakeries throughout Belgium. Becel Pure is a delicious 100% vegetable margarine.

Becel Pure is free from palm oil, preservatives, lactose, gluten and artificial flavors. Moreover, it is good for the heart and better for the planet. The samples were distributed to various bakers throughout Belgium, such as Bakkerij Jens.

When purchasing bread, consumers receive a free cooled sample Becel Pure. The sampling campaign has been communicated through a counter standard and flyer.

Several bakeries have indicated that they are very enthusiastic about the promotion. They like to be able to give away Becel Pure. Consumers told us:

“By testing it for free, you learn something new. Nice and tasty!”

“Seems very good for croissants, I love that!”

“We are vegans, and this is vegetable that is why we are so happy with it.”

“Fits well on my sandwich later, thanks.”

We look forward to repeating this sampling campaign in the future.

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