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Becel Pure at Veggie4U and bakeries

Becel Pure at Veggie4U and bakeries

Lime Factory has set up a sampling campaign for Becel at vegetarian and vegan supermarket Veggie4U and various bakeries throughout the Netherlands. Becel Pure is a delicious 100% vegetable margarine.

Becel Pure is free from palm oil, preservatives, lactose, gluten and artificial flavors. Moreover, it is good for the heart and better for the planet. The samples were distributed at vegetarian and vegan supermarket Veggie4U and various bakers throughout the Netherlands, such as Bakker Klootwijk, Het Zaanse Bakkertje and Le Perron.

With the purchase of bread from bakers and with every purchase at Veggie4U, the consumer receives a free chilled sample Becel Pure. The sampling campaign has been communicated through a counter standard.

Several bakers and employees of Veggie4U have indicated that they are very enthusiastic about the promotion. They like to hand out Becel Pure. We have been told by Veggie4U employees:

“Customers are very happy and of course already know the brand. This promotion ensures very satisfied customers. They find it a great product and ask where they can buy it. Veggie4U mainly gets vegan customers and they all really enjoy it!”

The collaboration went smoothly. We are therefore looking forward to repeating this sampling campaign in the future.

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