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Amstel Radler Fresh 0.0 at car washes and FeelGoodClubs

Amstel Radler Fresh 0.0 grapefruit at car washes and FeelGoodClubs

Lime Factory has set up a sampling campaign for Amstel and ensured the perfect match with the target group. The sampling campaign was set up at car washes and FeelGoodClubs. Amstel Radler Fresh 0.0 Grapefruit is the thirst-quenching mix of 0.0 beer and grapefruit juice.

Amstel Radler Fresh 0.0 grapefruit is the thirst-quenching blend of alcohol-free beer and lemon juice. Moreover, it contains no added sugars. The samples were distributed at BOB Autowas, Washin7 and FeelGoodClubs, such as Life and Kicking and YOU. The Gym.

When leaving the sports club or when a customer pays for the car wash, the consumer receives a can of Amstel Radler Fresh 0.0, including a flyer. The sampling campaign was communicated through a counter standard, posters, a pavement sign and flyers.

Several employees of car washes and sports clubs have indicated that they are very enthusiastic about the promotion. They like being allowed to give away Amstel Radler Fresh 0.0.

We have been told by employees:

“Customers always like it when something is handed out, certainly a nice cold can of Amstel Radler in the summer!”

We have received the following responses from consumers:

“I loved it and immediately bought a six pack.”

“I thought it was very appropriate because I was going through the car wash with my car. I can now go on the road with peace of mind and enjoy a Radler 0.0%. “

“Great alternative to a beer for when you still have to drive, great.”

The collaboration went smoothly. We are therefore looking forward to repeating this sampling campaign in the future.

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