Out of home

Would you like to attract more consumers to your store? Out Of Home communication in combination with a sampling campaign might be something for you! Out Of Home communication is a mass medium with a very fast range structure. Out Of Home advertisements include all advertisements that a consumer can encounter outside the home. This usually concerns places in the public space that are visible from the public road or where many passers-by are. You can think of billboards, such as shop signs, advertisements at stations and advertisements in bus shelters. Most out-of-home advertising is aimed at generating brand awareness or promoting a campaign.

For example, advertisements can be displayed at specific times, such as during school days, because you reach a specific target group, or at the nearest bus station near your store. Do you focus on students? The reach can be increased by displaying advertisements on screens at the beginning of the Thursday and Friday nights at popular bars. An additional advantage is that most shelters are illuminated and therefore also generate reach during the morning and evening rush hours. This way we can reach your specific target group.

An abricampaign is able to frequently confront people with the advertising message, so that the impact is large. The coverage can be both regional and national and the reach is high. You can segment by choosing certain networks and certain regions, cities or districts. Abri’s are ideal for achieving a large range quickly.

Are you already familiar with geofencing? Geofencing is a location-based marketing technology and makes it possible to approach consumers with relevant push notifications when they enter, leave or reside in a certain area. These areas are called geofences. Geofencing is a powerful tool, but one of the biggest advantages is that you can target consumers near your store. In this way, the possibility of attracting more consumers is increased.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of Out Of Home communication, or do you have other questions? Please contact us. Would you like to get some inspiration? Below you can view various sampling campaigns that we have rolled out.

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