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How well do you know the consumer? Get more insights with our CIA.

Is it still possible to obtain feedback from consumers during the corona crisis? A group discussion on location is currently difficult, but fortunately consumer insights do not come to a standstill. According to Adformatie, 33% of its community members say they have even more time to participate in an online survey. “I work at home, the children work at home and an survey in between is just as nice and relaxing.” Discover the advantages of consumer insights and how you can still obtain consumer insights in this uncertain period.


Today we have access to large amounts of data. Although many brands have access to this data, it does not mean that there is insight into this data. It is precisely the deeper research in this data that brands can use to gain a unique advantage over their competition.

What works for a specific target group, does not always work for everyone. With numerous factors on purchasing decisions, consumer insights need brands to identify which marketing communications and channels will resonate best with their audiences.

Brands that invest in consumer insights and really want to understand the motivations of their target audience, can gain a huge advantage. Targeted research enables brands to develop informed marketing strategies so that goals can be realized more effectively and efficiently. It also enables brands to transform efforts from mass marketing to personalized marketing. By focusing and prioritizing in this way, brands can increase consumer engagement, conversions and ROI (Lucy Pollock, Michon).

Advantages of consumer insights

According to Lucy Pollock, there are several benefits that consumer insights can offer you. Below you can read some of these benefits.


Knowing what drives a consumer’s purchasing decision, when they shop, and what external factors can influence their buying behavior, gives brands a deeper understanding of their customers. Meaning they can apply highly personalized and targeted brand and marketing strategies. When this step is skipped, a marketing budget can be wasted. Lay the groundwork with research so that real solutions to consumer problems can be identified.


You have data about your target group, you have identified their main drivers and charted marketing objectives. Now you can get everyone involved in the campaign briefing. It is essential that different parties are on the same page and have all the necessary consumer insights to interpret and create a truly tailored marketing campaign. Creating less friction between everyone, will lead to higher productivity and a greater chance of getting it right the first time. At Lime Factory we are happy to help you. We can create a catchy flyer, attractive poster or beautiful counter stand. Thanks to our experienced designer, we can make promotional materials so that they can appeal to your specific target group.


Consumer behavior is not only changing, it is also accelerating. As trends evolve rapidly, research can explain some of these changes and better prepare brands for adaptation and an informed response to these behavioral changes. To measure whether behavior has actually changed, we can provide feedback at Lime Factory for 6 months. The feedback after six months includes the following questions:

  • How many times have you bought the product in the past six months?
  • How often did you buy this product before you received the sample?
  • Would you have bought the product if you had not received the sample?

New opportunities

Understanding your target audience and studying them better can lead to cross-selling opportunities and even new audiences. Consumer insights can identify the need for new product development. Sampling a new product on focus groups can help you launch your products after the problems have been solved, giving the consumer exactly what they are asking for.


Consumers love brands that take the time to understand them, which makes them feel valued and heard. Consumer insights can be a very valuable part of a customer’s brand experience. Instead of hearing what to buy, the feeling of being involved in a two-way conversation builds strong brand confidence. Brands that show empathy to their audience get an invaluable competitive advantage. In addition, another report from PWC shows that 42% of consumers would pay more for a friendly, welcoming experience, with factors such as speed, convenience and helpful employees being the most important.


Flyers are an important ad tool and they are still used in this high tech era. The five main reasons why they are still effective are their cost-effectiveness, high impact with little effort, their tangible character, attractive appearance and personal touch (Canada prints services).


Today, according to Remco Wijn (behavioral researcher at TNO), e-commerce offers a solution for avoiding physical contact during purchases. Turnover from delivery meals is also increasing. Because people will be more at home, they will also notice the shortcomings of home. This can affect the things people buy: furniture, games, books, a wine, etc.

Lime Factory can find a suitable channel for your product during this time. How about a refreshing drink at do-it-yourself shops, a sauce when delivering a meal, a candy bar when ordering clothes or crisps while buying drinks at a liquor store. By linking a flyer with feedback, you can respond to the extra time consumers have at home.


Sampling campaign at Lime Factory

Would you like to obtain specific data about your brand? At Lime Factory we can help. Do you want more information about our approach or do you have a question? Then please contact us.

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