monsterdoos tekst
1mon·ster (the; o; plural: monsters)
1test to judge quality, weight, etc.

Monsterdoos holiday edition

A lot of Dutch families are planning to go on vacation again this summer. Did you know that for both domestic and foreign holidays the car is the most used means of transport? According to CBS, the Dutch take a total of  9.7 million times a year the car to travel to their holiday address. So a lot of time is spent in the car before arriving at the holiday destination. This is a unique moment to sample your product!

From our point of view, it is important to sample when the consumer has time and need. The Monsterdoos stands for a new frivolous way of sampling, in which we want to surprise consumers and let them try (new) products.

The first holiday edition of the Monsterdoos starts in June! The whole family can enjoy your product on their way in the car or at the holiday destination. In this edition there are games, coloring pages including crayons and puzzles for the children and fun and tasty products for the whole family. Sample your product in the holiday edition, so that the whole family can enjoy your product. After all, this is an ideal sampling moment! Thanks to your product, the holiday excitement can already start on the road to their holiday destination.

Through the Monsterdoos holiday edition, consumers can come into contact with your products in their own environment. The consumer can order the Monsterdoos holiday edition online and it will be delivered at home. The promotion is done via direct mailing and online advertisements.

A perfect moment to sample

The Monsterdoos has become a household name among families with children. We see this reflected in the responses and results. All you have to do to participate is to deliver 500 products and we will provide trial, visibility and distribution.

We bring your products to the attention


  • Start: june 2019
  • Quantity: 500 pieces
  • Target group: families with young children, m/f 29-49 years, children 4-10 years.
  • Online reach: more than 500,000 views
  • Delivery of products: 9th of May
  • Expiry date: October 2019
  • Price: free of charge

Would you like to see your product in the Monsterdoos holiday edition? You can contact us and we will reserve a place for you. Of course it is also possible to participate with multiple products.


Lime Factory can measure the results of all sampling concepts, including the Monsterdoos holiday edition. Among other things, product valuation and repeat purchase intention are measured. Would you like more information about the costs? Please do not hesitate to contact us. What is new is that after six months we can also ask for actual purchases, including frequency. See below the growth of penetration of a number of product groups:

Resultaten Monsterdoos sampling penetratie

Our feedback program gives you insight into:

  • The product rating
  • The repeat purchase intention
  • Consumer use

Tailor-made questions can also be added. Do you want to use the feedback program specifically for your product? Please contact us.


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Monsterdoos stands for a new, frivolous way of sampling with families with children in a homely environment.

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