The Monsterdoos

Sample your product at consumers’ homes

Would you like to test your product among curious consumers and do you want to know how people will respond to this? Sample your product for free in the Monsterdoos! The Monsterdoos is our successful sampling concept where consumers try new products in their own home environment and give their opinion about it. The consumer can order the Monsterdoos online and it will be delivered at home. The promotion is done through Instagram, Facebook, direct mailing and online advertisements.

After participating you will receive consumer insights in the field of product appreciation, awareness and repeat purchase intent. No less than 10-15% of consumers respond to your product.

The Monsterdoos appears about four times a year and has a circulation of between 3,000 to 5,000 products per edition.

Monsterbox kitchen
Who orders the Monsterdoos?

The target group of the Monsterdoos consists mainly of families with children; male / female 29-49 years. The families live throughout the Netherlands, the majority of which live in the Randstad. The Monsterdoos is often ordered by women. The target audience is interested in cooking, shopping and watching TV (online and offline). De Monsterdoos attracts no less than 56% new consumers per edition.

Do you want to reach a specific target group? We can help you. Over the years, we have gathered sufficient consumer data to determine which consumer is interested in your product (category). We can target your product in the Monsterdoos on (social) demographic characteristics, behavior, interests or new users.

Do you prefer to focus on the biologically interested consumers? Then take a look at the Monsterdoos Bio page.

Receive feedback from the consumer

Experience shows that consumers really enjoy giving their opinion on the products received. That is why we request feedback from all products as standard and each participant receives a report on his own product.

The consumer shares her feedback through two channels:

  • Through our Consumer Insights Application, consumers can leave their feedback about your product. We ask the participants what they thought of the sample received. It takes less than two minutes to fill in and there is a win promotion, which means that the response is high.
  • Via a product post on social media. Curious what that looks like? Take a look here by clicking on the products.
Monsterbox rapportage

We bring your product to the attention

We provide extra attention and publicity around your product through our communication channels:

  • We pay attention to your product via the Monsterdoos website, Instagram, Facebook and mailings.
  • Your product is shown on a separate product page with information where consumers can buy the product.
  • Add a flyer for extra communication about your product. We can assist with design and printing.
  • It is possible to use retargeting advertisements to strengthen sampling and possibly your (marketing) campaign.
Are you interested or would you like to discuss the possibilities?

Do you have a nice product that you would like to test among consumers and would you like to see your product in the Monsterdoos? You can contact us and we will reserve a place for you. Of course it is also possible to participate with several new products.